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Thermoplast Melt Pumps Extrusion
Thermoplast melt pumps extrusion reduce unit energy consumption,the same granulation to twin screw extruder and melt pump combination, the mixing quality and yield is greatly improved than the twin-screw granulator unit separate.
Thermoplast Melt Pumps Extrusion
Thermoplast Melt Pumps Extrusion Advantages:
1.Stable output pressure, can effectively reduce the pump extrusion parameters caused by the unstable output of material and pressure pulsation.
2.The modular construction of extrex gear pumps means that various needs.
3.All extruder gear pumps feature fully-optimised flow channel geometry.
4.provides better mixing to produce a homogeneous solid containing finely dispersed API particles. 
Batte is a professional melt pump extrusion manufacturer.Our plastic extruder gear pump have been exported to Singapore, India, Thailand,UK, Germany, Turkey, Slovenia, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, USA, Russia, Australia, etc.

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